*~Shuffle Up! Project~*

Shuffle Up Pro is a dubbing project by the dubbers for the dubbers! Not only dubs but photo books, dance shots, and most importantly friends! 3

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The groups:.IMPORTANT

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1The groups:.IMPORTANT Empty The groups:.IMPORTANT on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:43 pm


About the main groups:

When you audition, as you should already know, you can audition to either S/cramble or SUP?.


Shuffle Up Pro's main group! Looking for 8-16 girls, it will release constant A-side B-side singles once every two months. We will never have a single in production when the shuffles are in production.

If we have over 9 girls in this group, there will be an A-side B-side sign ups! Half of the group will be featured in the A-side, the other half in the B-side.

This group will dub Morning Musume and Berryz Kobou to start.


The project's Eggs! <3 Depending on how many there are, we may or may not release constant singles.

If so, we will dub C-ute.

Either way, they are allowed to sign up for shuffles and will cover for the main group members if they need one.

The Shuffles~

How They Work

Every shuffle will have different line-ups every single! They are on first come first serve basis, and will be A-side only singles.

~You can only sign up for one shuffle at a time.This is so that everyone can get a shot at a shuffle.
No signing up for a shuffle group 2 times in a row. Let's say that you sign up for Sunda3's first single. That gets released,time goes by and Sunda3's second single sign ups come around. Due to fairness, you can't sign up again for that group. You can sign up for other shuffle groups, of course. <3

Now onto the Shuffle descriptions!

Des2ni デスチニ
The duet shuffle, which will focus on W(Double You), Kira Pika, Rainbow Pink and other duets.

Sunda3 三デイ
The trio shuffle, which will work on Milky Way, Aa!,Buono, and other trios.

Ok4shi おか四
The 4-nin shuffle, which will work on Mini Moni, S/mileage, Guardians 4, and other 4-nin songs.

Ro6k On! 六ON!
A 6-nin shuffle which will work on Misc. Jpop including AKB 48 and NICE GIRL Project, as well as older Berryz Kobou songs. Most will be color coded.

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