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Strike/point System:.How it works

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1Strike/point System:.How it works Empty Strike/point System:.How it works on Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:44 pm


Alrighty, so I decided I should make some kind of strike system for any penalties after your first single in the project. The way it will work:

It will be a Four-strike system.(Yes, four, because I'm too kind.) You get a strike when:

~You fail to turn in lines
~You are rude to a fellow dubber/mentor
~You ask for an extension on the day of the deadline


Strike One- It's like a first offense, you just get a warning.
Strike Two- Not allowed to participate in shuffles.
Strike Three- Miss out on the B-side of your group's single.
Strike Four- Kicked out.

With the strike system, there is a way to go back to a clean slate with a point system. The way points work-

1 point for turning shuffle lines in on time
2 points for turning main group lines in on time
3 points for covering someone on short notice

You will need Five points to remove a strike.

Can you still collect points if you don't have a strike?
I'm actually debating on this, but to make it fair I think I'm not going to. Because then people could take advantage by getting enough points to stay in the project after four strikes and then just disappear for a while. Don't wanna abuse this system.

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