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Bad Leader, Bad! [Reguarding all releases in progress]

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So, I kinda sorta had absolutely no time to do anything regarding Shuffle UP! The past few weeks because school started, I work on weekends, and if I'm at home I'm either recording lines or doing homework. Please forgive me ;><; I'm definitely gonna get things up and runnig soon.

What all of you CAN do is sign up for shuffles and TURN IN LINES! I still need some lines from S-cramble for their 2nd single-

~Ryoko Soku Dakishimete

~The Odd Numbers: BE ALL RIGHT- 11 Water
~Ro6kON! : Iku ZYX Fly High

Those who are in Ok4shi and Sunda3, Please get your lines in soon! There is no real rush because I haven't been able to mix, but I would really, really like you to get everything in before OCTOBER 1ST.

I know most of you are in projects that I'm also in, and almost every deadline is September 20th/somewhere around those lines(no pun intended), so I will give you utnil after then to turn in lines.

I'm sorry for this project being inactive, I really love all of you and would hate to see this fall because of me being too busy ;><; But I WILL get things together soon, I promise!

ALSO, reguarding Furusato. I haven't gotten anywhere with that because I was so busy, so I am going to hold off on that for a little while, maybe get one more round of singles in before we do this. OR, I know that people might be tired of singing this already but how about a full-project, coded version of-

kono chikyuu no heiwa wo honki de negatterun da yo/ Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!

Everyone will get solo lines- Mentors, S-crambles and SUPs. As for whether e'll use the legit PV or what to do with that, it's still up for debate. If you would like to do that instead of Furusato, please let me know! <3

With this, stay sparkling everyone and again I'm so sorry for not being a good leader ;><;~


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Don't worry Pika, we understand ^^

Kaoru I think was on hiatus; for how long I don't know.

As for the full project song: I honestly think either one would be a great idea Very Happy I love all three of the songs you have in mind. I would prefer doing Kono Chikyuu/Kare to Issho considering my mom would get kinda suspicious if one day I just went up to her asking for my baby pictures... xDD Idk if that's just me~

EDIT: oh wow I just noticed this was my 69th post xDDD sorry, I'm super immature xDD

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I'd love to sing those, but are there any good lyrics out yet (I'm terrible at singing by ear XD)? Very Happy

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Good lyrics for that entire single - http://s4.zetaboards.com/Colorz4HP/topic/8813333/1/

I love it Surprised I've one-shotted all three songs Very Happy so of course I would love to sing them in projects (-coughmorecough-)

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Very Happy Thanks! <333

Pikaru, about the Only You close-up shot, I might be able to do it this week.
If I can't get it to look OK (my camera isn't very good), I'll PM you. Smile

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Alrighty, thanks Yocchan! <3

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Sorry the mix for Only You is taking so long. I've been busy and with the new Gen there are alot of different mic qualities to get used to working with ^^; But I'm doing my best!

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