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Mentor-student adoption station!

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1Mentor-student adoption station! Empty Mentor-student adoption station! on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:00 pm


Lul at the title. XD' That's pretty much what this is though! We will list the mentors here again, and then the dubbers can ask to be 'adopted' by the mentor as a student here.


1. One mentor per student.
2. So far there isn't a limit on how many students a mentor can take, but it's up to the mentor. I also don't want there to be like, ten people with the same mentor. XD'
3.All mentor-student communication will be done in PM, to save clutter and give a more personal feel to the whole thing ^^
4. You don't NEED to have a mentor if you don't want to, it's just an idol's perk really. But I encourage everyone, especially S-cramble members, to ask for a mentor ^^
5. Mentors can request certain dubbers to be their students, just as students can request a certain mentor.

The Mentors()
Mentor list will be edited as we gain or lose mentors.

Students: Ryoko(ryokodefini), Dahisuke(dahisukelove)

Students: Janjan

Students: Aiko(gpbasicfan)

Students: Momo(xMomoK)

Students: Erin(Helansensei)

Students: Kirari(kirikomorihime)

Students: Yocchan(hopelessdreamchaser)

Students: Phob(PhobCHUU)

~Zoey/ ゾーイ(dumblekitteh)
Students: Kei(sumomokei)

SUPs without Mentors

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