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Shuffle Up Pro is a dubbing project by the dubbers for the dubbers! Not only dubs but photo books, dance shots, and most importantly friends! 3

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Haro!I~n (Shuffle UP! Group Photo Book- Halloween Style!)

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Hey girls! So I was thinking that since we haven't put the photobooks to use yet and need something fun to bring back the project while mixing is being done, I thought we could do a group photobook to celebrate Halloween!

EVERYONE is allowed to participate, but it isn't mandatory. All you have to do is send me 3-5 pictures(more may be accepted depending on how many people do it and you can even send in short video clips of trick-or-treating, at a halloween party, pumpkin picking etc.).

~MUST Be Halloween themed(Either in your costume, pumpkin picking/carving, standing next to Halloween decorations, etc.)
~You must be in the picture somewhere, and if there's more than one person in the picture specify which one is you.
~This is kind of a no-brainer, but if there's something that gives away where you live or some kind of stalker info(like your school name in the background, etc) please don't use that picture. We wanna keep you safe.
~Also a no-brainer, no extremely revealing or sexy costumes. XD'

Helpful Hint when you post your photos here, tell me what your costume is(sometimes it's hard to tell, especially if it's a cosplay). This will be added to the video description.

November 3rd- I know some people won't be able to take pictures in their costume until Halloween, so I give you extra time to take some, make sure they're alright and send em to me. Again, since this is just a photobook and not a dub to a photobook, I hope that everyone that signs up makes the deadline. IF YOU DO NOT I will simply finish the photobook without you.

Pikaru(As Monster High's Draculaura)-
Momo(as the random epic person)-

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Dunno what as yet BUT MEEEE

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I'll send in some things <3
I dont celebrate Halloween, so I'll go to a friends house for him to help me out =) I have a few in mind so LETS HAVE FUUUUN with this.

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I'm with you, Chio, that's why I'm the random person xDD

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Yaaay 8D~

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As much as I wanted to do this, I was really swamped this weekend =( I'm so sorry OTL

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I had the same issue, Chio-chan D:

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